“Gantapasvi” Pandit Baburao V. Jadhav

- a deserving inheritor of the “Proudh Gandharava” Legacy

Birth and early tutelage under father Pandit Vishwanathbuwa Jadhav:-

Baburao alias Pandit B.V.Jadhav was born on 21 st, Feb., 1915 A.D. in Gangavesh, Kolhapur. He studied at Bhaktiseva Vidyapeeth High School, Kolhapur. He took keen interest in learning ‘Hindustani shastriya sangeet’ and worked hard for six to eight hours under the tutelage of his illustrious father “Proudh Gandharva”, the ‘darbar gayak’ of Kolhapur State. Around this time C.Ramchandra (who later became the noted film music director) resided with his ‘guru’ Pandit Vishwanathbuwa Jadhav and mastered the art of music along with Pandit B.V.Jadhav.

Professional Career:-

When hardly fifteen years old Baburao was a much sought after artiste in several local music concerts. He often accompanied on the ‘tanpura’ both his father and his father’s ‘guru’ the legendary Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. He was also greatly inspired and influenced by the ‘Kirana Gharana’ veterans Ustad Abdul Vahid Khan and Ustad Rajab Ali Khan. Being engaged in the royal service Pandit Vishwanathbuwa was unable to give much time to his music school, young Baburao therefore took over the mantle from his father. Between 1932-1937 A.D. Pandit B.V. Jadhav was fortunate to accompany and take valuable guidance from Ustad Abdul Karim Khan during Khansaheb’s stay at Miraj.

Baburao’s professional career got a boost around 1940 A.D. when he participated in several national and state level music conferences, which were highly successful. Pandit Baburao Jadhav started his ‘Kirana Sangeet Vidyalaya’ at Noor Building, Tulsi Pipe Road, Dadar, Mumbai in 1951 A.D. In 1955 A.D. Pandit Baburao Jadhav (Sangeet Visharad) was appointed by ‘Chhatrapati’ Shahaji Maharaja of Kolhapur as the first principal of the Shree Shahu Sangeet Vidyalaya instituted at Tulja Bhawani Mandap under the auspices of the ‘Chhatrapati Cultural Education Charitable Trust’. In 1956 A.D. Pandit B.V. Jadhav shut down the ‘Kirana Sangeet Vidyalaya’ due to a serious chest ailment and underwent treatment at the ‘Wanless Chest Hospital – Wanlesswadi’, Miraj.

Distinctive Gayaki and Melodic Personality of Classical Renditions:-

The vocal recitals of Pandit B. V. Jadhav delightfully portrayed some of the striking features of the ‘Kirana gayaki’ of which Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was the chief pioneer. Not surprisingly Pandit B. V. Jadhav never failed to impress the audiences and gave ample evidence of his strenuous cultivation of an ornate, meticulous vocal technique. ‘Alapi’ was his forte. His ‘vilambit’ unfolding of the ‘khayal’ was marked by leisurely, relaxed progression projecting a coherent integrated picture of their melodic personality. The ‘drut’ themes were embellished with a variety of ‘gamak tans’ in the typical ‘Kirana’ manner. His ‘thumris’ were equally notable for the peculiar, twists, curves and familiar angularities associated with the novel trend set by Ustad Abdul Karim Khan.

Felicitations and Honours:-

At the 19th death anniversary programme of Khansaheb Abdul Karim Khan organized by the ‘Kirana Sangeet Vidyalaya’ on 27th Oct 1956 A.D. both Pandit B.V. Jadhav and his father Pandit Vishwanathbuwa Jadhav were felicitated by Shri Brij Narain, convener of the ‘Sur-Singar Sansad’ who presided over the function.

Speech given by Pandit Baburao Jadhav (felicitation function at ‘Gayan Samaj-Deval Club Hall’, Kolhapur) on 12th March, 1972 A.D.

Pandit Baburao Jadhav neither craved for riches nor ran after publicity. He led a simple life devoted to selfless service in the cause of music.

‘Gantapasvi’ Pandit B.V. Jadhav’s Great Associations :-

Pandit B.V. Jadhav was closely associated with celebrated dignitaries of Kolhapur from various fields, notably Shri Tyagisaheb – D.I.G. Kolhapur, Baba Nesrikar – Ex- Chairman ‘Shetkari Sahkari Sanghatna’ Kolhapur, Shri Appasaheb Jadhav – Ex- Vice – Chairman ‘Shetkari Sahkari Sanghatna’ Kolhapur, Shri Sasanesaheb – Former Collector,  Kolhapur, Shri P.B. Salunke – Ex M.L.A. Kolhapur, Shri Gundappa Ashtekar – Headmaster, ‘Private High School’, Kolhapur, Master D.R. Kulkarmi – music teacher ‘Private High School’, Kolhapur, Shri Datta Umranikar – teacher ‘Private High School’, Kolhapur and Shri Bal Shirke – President ‘Shri krishna Sarswati Samadhi Mandir’, Kolhapur.  Pandit B.V. Jadhav  was amongst the leading and respected vocalists of Kolhapur. His live performances were invariably attended  and admired by the connoisseurs and the elite of Kolhapur. Pandit B.V. Jadhav and Shri Jagdish Khebudkar (formerly a teacher at the ‘Private High School’, Kolhapur)  were good friends and admirers of each others talents. Renowned Marathi Cine – Actor Ms. Usha Naik was a devoted disciple of Pandit B.V. Jadhav.

Prestigious Concerts and Memorable Performances :-

Pandit B.V. Jadhav scintillated the audiences with his brilliant performances at most of the leading music centres viz., Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Vadodara etc. in our country. Since 1940 A.D. Pandit B.V. Jadhav sang on A.I.R. – Mumbai, Pune and Sangli radio stations.

His ‘jugalbandi’ concerts with younger bother Pandit R.V. Jadhav on A.I.R. as well as at other prestigious concerts became very popular. Their ‘jugalbandi’ concerts were rated on top in the ‘Kirana’ legacy which also included the contemporary ‘jugalbandi’ artistes Ustad Fayyaz Ahmad and Ustad Niaz Ahmad. The brothers Pandit B.V. and R.V. Jadhav gave excellent vocal accompaniment to their guru and father Pandit Vishwanathbuwa Jadhav in practically all his public performances. Pandit B.V. Jadhav regularly performed at the annual ‘Navratra’ festival of the Ambabai temple, Bhavani Mandap, Kolhapur. He also invariably sang at the ‘Panchganga Kotiteertha Rajaramdas Maharaj Utsav.’ Panditji often obliged his disciples by singing during their festive occasions at home such as the ‘Satyanarayana Puja’ as recalled by one of his leading disciples Adv. Ram Joshi. Pandit Balasaheb Nandnikar, Pandit Belgaonkar and Pandit Vedpathak regularly accompanied Pandit B.V. Jadhav in his concerts as well as ‘riyaz’ sessions.

19th anniversary concert in memory of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan at Poddar College Hall, Matunga, Mumbai on 27th Oct. 1956 A.D.

Around this period Pandit B. V. Jadhav also performed at the ‘Ganesh Utsav’ at Saraswat Colony, Jogeshwari, Mumbai and at the Parsi Colony, Dadar T.T., Mumbai.

First ‘Maharashtra Rajya Sangeet Mahotsav’ at Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruha, Kolhapur dt., Monday, 27 March, 1961A.D.

Pandit Sankarrao Sarnaik (‘Maharashtra Kokil’), Smt. Mogubai Kurdikar, Smt. Laxmibai Jadhav, Bai Azambai, and Pandit Baburao Jadhav were the leading vocalists who gave a fine display of their vocal talents.

Second ‘Maharashtra Rajya Sangeet Mahotsav’ – Solapur dt. Saturday, 10th March- Monday, 12th March 1962

Smt. Hirabai Badodekar, Pandit Baburao Jadhav, Smt Kishori Amonkar and Pandit Kumar Gandharv were the mainstream performers.

24th Anniversary Concert in memory of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan – 12th – 14th Jan., 1962 A.D. at Blavatsky Lodge Hall, French Bridge, Chowpatty, Bombay.

The first death anniversary concert of “Proudh Gandharva” was held at the ‘Private High School Hall’, Kolhapur on 9th Oct. 1965 A.D.

Adv. S.R. Potnis was the President of the PVJMC – Kolhapur on this occasion and eminent musicologist – writer (disciple of B.V. Jadhav) presided over the programme. Pandit B.V. Jadhav, Pandit Basavraj Rajguru, Kum. Rajkunwar Lokhande and Shri Harishchandra Kokare were the artistes who performed.

Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan – c.1967 – ’68 A.D. at Mumbai

Pandit B.V. Jadhav gave a powerful performance on the occasion.
“- – – – – -Inaugural artist, B.V. Jadhav displayed quite and artistry in his ‘Khamaj thumri’ – – – – His ‘khayal’ in ‘Puriya’, on the other hand, was placid and balanced.”

“ – – – – – Pandit B.V. Jadhav sang ‘khayal’ in ‘Raga Puriya’ followed by a ‘thumri’ in ‘Mishra Khamaj’. Consistently melodious, his emotions were marked by lucidity which is invariably associated with the ‘Kirana gharana’ – – – – – -.”

Bai Rasoolanbai was the outstanding vocalist who performed on the same day of the ‘sammelan’ 

Pandit Baburao Jadhav never failed to express reverence to his mentor Ustad Abdul Karim Khan by participating in most of the anniversary programmes held at the ‘Dargah’ of ‘Khwaja Shamna Mirasaheb’ in Miraj.

Nikhil Bharat Abdul Karim Sangit Sammelan, 68 A, Beliaghata Main Road, Kolkata – 10 at Mahajati Sadan on 14th – 16th May, 1970 A.D.

Pandit B.V. Jadhav’s felicitation programme on 12th March 1972 A.D. concluded with his fine recital of ‘Raga Abhogi Kanada’ in ‘jhaptal’ revealing all the finer aspects and special facets of his ‘gayaki‘. This was followed by an highly emotional ‘thumri’ rendition to end the function.

‘Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav’- Pune on 11th Nov. 1972 A.D.

Pandit B.V. Jadhav gave an exellent rendition of ‘Raga Bhairav Bahar’ (– ‘meri basant ki’) followed by a ‘thumri’ recital.

13th Maharashtra Rajya Sangeet – Nritya Mahotsav – Akola dt. Friday, 21st Feb. – Sunday, 23rd Feb., 1975 A.D.

Pandit B.V.Jadhav, Smt. Prabha Atre and Pandit Sangameshwar Gurav were the leading ‘kirana gharana’ vocalists who participated in this event.

On Friday,16th july,1976 A.D.Pandit Baburao V.Jadhav suddenly departed for his heavenly abode leaving behind his wife two daughters and four sons.

Pandit B.V. Jadhav was fondly remembered by his disciples, relatives, friends and well – wishers by organising a ‘Sangeet Sabha’ at the Shahu Smarak Bhavan, Kolhapur on 16th July 1983 A.D. Prof. Suresh Madhav Chile – Principal, Chile’s Classes, Kolhapur and a close friend of Pandit B.V. Jadhav organized the programme in memory of Pandit B.V. Jadhav on his 7th death anniversary .


Pandit Baburao Jadhav’s 16th death anniversary was observed on Sunday 24th May, 1992 A.D. at ‘Keshavrao Bhosale Natya Gruha’, Kolhapur. Smt. Kamal Murlidhar Bhonde from Amravati , gave a fine vocal recital on this occasion . Adv. Ram Joshi spoke on Pandit B.V. Jadhav’s contribution in the field of Indian classical music. Pandit B.V. Jadhav’s leading disciple Smt. Gulabbai Kagalkar organized the event with the help of Pandit B.V. Jadhav’s son Shri Jagdish Jadhav and nephew Shri Ajit R. Jadhav.

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